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ShadyBoy Farm Foals
ShadyBoy Farms does not breed every mare every year. We firmly believe in giving them a year between foals. For that reason we usually have two to three foals each year for sale. If you are interested in one please contact us for EVEN more pictures. The following foals are our 2008 crop! Enjoy!

Go Boy McCurdy X Dements Winddancer

This is their little filly, "Dixie", pictured gaiting at her mother's side.

"Dixie" at age 2 months

"Dixie" at 3 months and shedding out. As you can tell Dixie is a pretty big foal, at this time she has changed colors twice. So we will continue to post pictures and show her growth as this beautiful filly matures in to what is sure to be a stunning Mare.

Go Boy McCurdy X Chase's Midnight Angel

"Miss Priss" at two months. Miss Priss refuses to be photogenic at this time. So this is our best picture of this charming lady. Like her best buddy Dixie she seems to be playing the what color will i be today game. We will continue to attempt to get photos of this gracefull young filly and expect her to be a great beauty!

We have been breeding, training and selling McCurdy Plantation Horses for ten years now. We have sold a few foals to wonderful homes. Some of these homes have sent us pictures of what these wonderful babies grew up to look like. We have included these pictures for all to see. If you have pictures of one of Go Boy McCurdy's wonderful offspring and would like it included please visit the contact page and find out how!

This Mare was called "trouble" when we had her. SHe is out of Maggie Mae and Go Boy McCurdy. Isnt she amazing?!

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